Friday, January 30, 2015

Geek Chic Cosmetics Go Boldly Collection

*I purchased these products myself*

My hubby and I have been on a major Star Trek kick lately. We've been watching the TV shows Voyager and The Next Generation as well as random movies here and there. So I had to bust out my Geek Chic Cosmetics Go Boldly collection which is based on Star Trek.

I don't know why I've never posted about Geek Chic before; it is one of my absolute favorite indie brands. The collections are nerdtastic, the colors are amazing and the owner is an absolute sweetheart. So without further ado... the Go Boldly Collection.

I love that the artwork looks like the control panels on the starships. So cool!

L-R: Sleeping Bucket, Continuum, Mind Meld
(over Urban Decay Primer Potion)

L-R: Galactically Banned Ale, Naked Wedding, Blood Wine

The colors all have such great shimmer and shift to them and are just so damn pretty. Once you turn the jars over you come to one of my favorite things about the packaging... Tribbles!!

I remember watching the Tribble episode as a kid and I've loved them ever since so I was super excited when I saw this awesome little detail.

Unfortunately, the Go Boldly collection isn't available anymore but there are plenty of other amazing goodies on the website here. Definitely check out this amazing company if you haven't already.

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

*Edit - I just found out from Geek Chic that Naked Wedding is still available in the Single Player section of the website; so if you like that color it's still available! *

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

China Glaze Little Drummer Boy

Last week when it was actually cloudy/rainy and a bit chilly I decided to reach for a dark polish to go along with the weather. I decided on China Glaze Little Drummer Boy which is from the Winter/Holiday 2010 collection 'Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice. Even though this collection is from 4 years ago, and I bought it when it came out, it was still an untried for me.

Little Drummer Boy is a gorgeous blackened blue. In the bottle I could see some silver shimmer but that did not transfer to the nail at all. I didn't really mind though because I love a good, dark polish. And the best part about it is that it was a one coater! I almost did a second coat out of habit but I looked at my nails from all angles and just didn't need a second coat. Yay for one coaters!

I have been swatching all of my polishes onto swatch sticks and am realizing just how many untrieds I actually have... I need to get on polishing my nails more often so I can use them. And as I do I'll take pics and write a quick post. You can go on my untrieds journey with me.

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Once Upon A Time From Darling Girl Cosmetics

Hi again! So yesterday I came home to a package from Darling Girl Cosmetics. At first I thought it was the small birthday order that I recently placed but as I was opening it I realized that it was a bit too soon for that to be coming in the mail. Then I read the postcard that came with it and realized that it was a care package from the Susan (the creator of Darling Girl Cosmetics). She knows that I have been down a lot lately and sent me a package to help cheer me up. She is such a sweetheart and I love her to death; she's like my sister from another mister and we share an (un)healthy obsession with Duran Duran. We've never met in person but I hope someday to get the opportunity so I can give her a giant hug

There were 3 eyeshadows in the package that I quickly realized weren't from any collection that is out now; they are from an upcoming Once Upon A Time collection and haven't been released yet! Of course I quickly ran to Facebook to message Susan and thank her from the bottom of my heart. She told me that she will be doing mini collections for Once Upon A Time. The 3 shadows I have will be joined by a gloss and she will also be doing a villains collection to go along with it. On to the swatches...

 L-R:  If I Only Had A Heart, Hot As Baelfire, Let's Hook Up
Natural Light
 Ott Light

These colors are amazing! I have yet to watch Once Upon A Time (it is in my Netflix queue) so these names don't mean much to me but that doesn't keep me from loving the colors. If I Only Had A Heart has a light greyed-taupe base that turns into a crazy golden shimmer at the right angle. Hot As Baelfire is a matte, purply taupe that is gorgeous. And Let's Hook Up is a blackened olive with crazy gold sparkle.

These shadows, as well as a gloss and the villains to go along with them, should be released some time in February so definitely keep an eye out for them. Darling Girl Cosmetics is one of my all-time favorite indie companies and you could not be supporting a nicer person when you buy there. Susan's colors are all crazy beautiful and complex and her collection ideas are awesome. I have a ton of her pretties so maybe I'll just start doing some swatch posts. 

Head on over to Darling Girl Cosmetics and check out the sparkle!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Formula X Pedal To The Metal

Hi guys! It's been a long time! I know I have never been the most regular blogger to begin with but it's been a rough couple of months. Life can get difficult you know? But anyway, I was lucky enough to get a job at Sephora over the holidays (but unlucky enough that they couldn't keep me on afterwards). It was super crazy but fun and I hope to work there again. I did get some gratis in the short time I was there though and one of my bags was filled with quite a few mini Formula X polishes. The one I absolutely had to try first was Pedal To The Metal.

It's such a great glowing, shiny purple shade that is just gorgeous. And I was pleasantly surprised with the mini bottle. I've had such bad luck with minis being super difficult to work with; usually because of the brushes but this wasn't like that at all. The brush actually held enough polish to cover a full nail without having to re-dip into the bottle. And it was almost a one coater. There's probably enough left in the bottle for another 2 manicures but if I ever run out I will definitely consider getting a full-size bottle; I like it that much!

So, yeah, thanks for reading and I hope life is treating you well. I have some things that I want to do more posts about so hopefully I'll hold myself to it. Happy New Year!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

HPB October Halloween Mani Link-Up

Hi all! Today I have a mani as part of a link-up with other bloggers from a Facebook group called Hobby Polish Bloggers. Hobby Polish Bloggers is for bloggers who do it more casually and just for fun than some of the huge bloggers out there. It is a great group of women who encourage each other and share tips and tricks about blogging and polish and I am so glad to be a part of it. (That was quite the run-on sentence I know.) We will be doing monthly link-up posts to help support each other and hopefully introduce people to some new, fun blogs.

Of course, this month the theme is Halloween; which made me very happy. I love Halloween and this part of the year in general. Because my absolute favorite holiday movie is Nightmare Before Christmas I decided to attempt a mani based on it. I usually don't attempt any sort of elaborate artwork, and this isn't really very elaborate, but for me it was a stretch and I'm really psyched about how it came out!

I got the idea for the Jack face and stripes from a pic I had on Pinterest (here). And I had seen tutorials for patchwork nails and kind of winged it for colors for the Sally nail. Unfortunately, I am definitely not ambidextrous so my other hand does NOT look like this. I used some Jack and Sally water decals. But some of them didn't want to lie flat and the polish got kind of goopy on a few nails because of it so I didn't take a pic.

But, yeah, I hope you enjoyed my attempt at Nightmare Before Christmas nail art. I had fun doing it but I'll probably stick to simpler things for the most part in the future.

How about you? Any Nightmare Before Christmas fans out there? I would love to see any nail art that any of you have done (doesn't have to be NBC related). Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the ladies who are linked below!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It!

*Purchased myself*

So I'm in the process of putting all of my polishes onto swatch sticks instead of nail wheels (although I'm at a standstill because I need more sticks). So far I've gotten 200 done and I'm only through 2 brands of polish. It's kind of relaxing and therapeutic for me though so hopefully I can get more sticks soon and continue on with it.

In the process of doing this though, I'm coming across all kinds of polishes that I've forgotten I had or forgotten how awesome they are. One of the polishes I knew I had to wear ASAP was Swimsuit...Nailed It! by OPI. This polish is from the Miss Universe collection from 2011. I came across it a few months ago at TJ Maxx for $3.99. I've been getting some awesome OPI deals there recently. But anyway, here is a pic of this beautiful polish.

For some reason I didn't really think much of this when I first saw pictures of it but I'm so glad I have it now. It's a gorgeous, shimmery, sparkly blue foil that I could not stop staring at. If you ever come across it I suggest snatching it up!

'Til We Meet Again...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

BFTE Cosmetics Pumpkin EVERYTHING!!

I was very excited to open up my mailbox yesterday and see my order from BFTE Cosmetics. A few weeks ago the owner Kim posted on Facebook that she was going to have a pumpkin-themed Fall collection and as soon as I saw the swatch pics I knew I had to have it. Fall is my absolute favorite season and I love that everything pumpkin is released everywhere. Appropriately, the collection is called Pumpkin EVERYTHING!! I also ordered the COTM (color of the month) and she threw in a few samples as well. This was my first BFTE order and I have to say that I really like the packaging. It is very sleek and simple and pretty.

I swatched everything over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Pumpkin EVERYTHING collection
Top Row L-R: Pumpkin Glow, Pumpkin EVERYTHING!!, Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Spice
Bottom Row: Pumpkin blush (not blended out)

In short, these colors are amazing! They are soft and blendable and the sparkle to all of them is just gorgeous. I also ordered the COTM shadow (Grape Leaves) and received a few samples as well. 

L-R: Amityville, Harvest, Chocolate, Grape Leaves

Again, the sparkle and color shift to these colors is just gorgeous and I can't recommend this company enough. You can order the Pumpkin EVERYTHING!! eyeshadows here and the Pumpkin blush here. It is limited edition so if you want it don't wait!

'Til We Meet Again...