Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Neon Candy Corn Eyes

Hi all! Happy Halloween! Anybody do anything fun? Nothing too exciting here. I have Wednesdays off so I slept in super late, we walked on over to Starbucks for our caffeine fix, got some super nommy burritos for dinner, I baked some pumpkin blondie bars and now hubs and I are going to settle in and watch the finale of Face Off and maybe a horror movie or two. Pretty much the perfect day actually.

So,  I had been toying with the idea of doing a candy corn look with eyeshadow to go along with the candy corn nails I did last week. I was going to do the "normal" yellow and orange but then realized it might look really cool using neons! I had recently gotten the Sleek Acid palette but hadn't gotten around to playing with it yet. I had been eyeing this palette for ages but as neon pigments aren't approved for use on the eyes here in the states it isn't as easy as jumping online and ordering it. Luckily my friend Sarah who lives in Ireland was kind enough to order it for me and send it my way. Here's a pic of it in all of its neon-y goodness. Isn't it amazing?
These colors are definitely out of my comfort zone but I'm really trying to step out of my usual box these days and try new things. Here's the finished product.

      Products used:
          -Sleek divine eyeshadow palette in Acid
          -Wet 'n Wild eye shadow trio in Fly Me To The Moon (the white shade)
          -Tick:Tock Cosmetics infinity eye shadow base in Milky Way
          -Jesse's Girl eye shadow palette in Brown Eyed Girl (an orange shade for my brows)
          -Milani Eye Tech Extreme liquid eye liner in Blackest Black
          -Stila Major Lash mascara 

I used a white eye shadow base by Tick:Tock Cosmetics (infinity eye shadow base in Milky Way) and that stuff is amazing! The white allowed the colors to really pop and the shadows stayed put forever (or at least until I scrubbed them off that night)! I would highly recommend that you try it if you are looking for an amazing eyeshadow base.

I was pretty pleased with how this turned out. I did a cute Halloween look today too that I'll post about soon. Hope everyone had a great day!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

*I purchased some of these products myself and received some as gifts*

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lush Lacquer Halloween Nails

I'm back with two more Halloween manicures featuring Lush Lacquer. I'm a bit obsessed with their glitter polishes lately; they are chock-full of glitter and you don't have to fish around to get a great variety of it on your nails.

First up is Korny Candy over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk...

I did this glitter over grey so none of colors would get lost. It would look great over yellow, orange or white but then some of the glitters wouldn't stand out as much. I just wanted to eat my nails the whole time I had this on. I love candy corn! Hubby always makes fun of me because he hates it (and so does everyone else I know) but that just leaves more for me right?

For the second manicure I used Hey Jack! over Sally Hansen Silver Sweep...

I really love how these colors look over the silver; they really pop! This polish was also a huge glitter explosion all over my nails. The only thing I'm not sure about is the bar glitter. I love the way it looks but I always end up getting it on the edges of my nails and it pokes over and then I end up scratching myself with it. Then when I rip it off I get a huge hole in my manicure. First world problems I know.

So I'm probably gonna do one more Halloween manicure tonight but I'm feeling kinda lazy. Depending on how it turns out there may or may not be a post about it. We'll see...but I did do some fun eye makeup today that should find its way onto here in a day or so. Keep an eye out!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

*I purchased all of these products myself*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers Mini-Haul

Hello again! I'm back with a post of something I actually haven't written about! Or, to be more precise, lipgloss.

I was at CVS a while back to pick up a prescription. But of course, being me, I can't just walk to the pharmacy and back out again...I have to make a little side trip through the cosmetics section. As usual I didn't have a lot of extra money to spend but I had $5.50 worth of extra care bucks (or whatever the heck they are called) burning a hole in my wallet. After a disappointing walk-through I walked by an endcap that make my jaw drop. They actually had a whole endcap completely devoted to the Wet 'n Wild Fantasy Makers collection! And it was completely stocked! And it had a big yellow sign that said it was BOGO! How did I get so lucky? I don't know but I quickly took advantage of the situation. This is what I ended up grabbing:
Between my extra care bucks and the BOGO deal I got all of these lovelies for $1.50! I know right? I was pretty damn excited I tell ya. And here are the 3 glosses swatched in sunlight. I tried to capture the holo goodness in these babies because it is super pretty.
L-R: Snow White, Queen Of Hearts, Wicked Witch
And here they are on me. Looking at these pics I'm thinking maybe I should have smiled a bit or something? I'm not used to doing makeup pics yet so bear with me...
 Snow White is something I would definitely wear layered over something else to give it a bit of sparkle.
 I'm still a bit gun shy when it comes to red lippies so Queen of Hearts is a perfect way to ease my way into wearing it. I love the holo sparkle to it! (It kinda looks like I have a smear of it above my lip but I don't remember seeing it at the time...huh...)
Wicked Witch will probably only get love on Halloween. As I work in the medical field, it is definitely not work-appropriate and I am definitely gun shy about wearing black lippies. I really love it though!

These are definitely awesome glosses for the price ($1.99). I don't like glosses that are too slippery or too thick....I like a consistency somewhere in the middle and these fit the bill. I actually think I'll get quite a bit of wear out of Queen of Hearts and I will bust out Wicked Witch on Halloween for sure. I have an idea for a cool eye look to go with it. If it turns out the way I envision it, I'll show you guys some pics.

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Nails!

Hey all! This is the first of what I hope will be many posts featuring Halloween manicures. Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday; I had my Halloween decorations out before September was even over!

I don't know how lime green, orange and purple came to be Halloween colors, but I really love them together. I've had this manicure for a few days and can't stop looking at my nails. I was going to take outside pics tomorrow (hopefully in the sun) but the polish is pretty thick with layers and is starting to pull up on the sides of some nails. Once that happens it's all over for me; I can't keep myself from sticking a nail under an edge and peeling the polish off in big strips. It's strangely satisfying and cathartic for some reason...kinda like popping zits but that's a whole other post.

 Here are the polishes I used. I'm sort of obsessed with black and white glitter polishes and can't help but try them over everything. And it always looks awesome!
L-R: Wet 'n Wild Sunny Side Up, Orly Charged Up, 
OPI Did It On 'Em, Lush Lacquer Salt 'n Peppa

So, we'll see if this manicure lasts through tomorrow. ..if not, I have plenty of other Halloween ideas. Hope you liked it!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)
*I purchased all of these products myself*