Monday, May 28, 2012

Salt 'n Peppa's Here!

If you're a child of the 70s and 80s tell me you don't have that song in your head right about now; I know I do. My bestie and I played "Push It" over and over and over again; on our record player of course. Listening to it now I realize it's quite a racy little song and at the time I had no clue. But I digress... The Salt n Peppa I'm talking about today is by Lush Lacquer; a little company I found on Etsy that has some amazing polishes. My color placement was inspired by Carly from the Lacquered Lover blog. So without further ado, the nails:

I am absolutely loving this mani! These bright, saturated, not-quite-neon colors are my favorites this time of year.  I used China Glaze Spontaneous (one of my all time favorite purples), an old mini no-name Sephora polish and Lush Lacquer Salt n Peppa. Salt n Peppa is awesome! It is chock full of small  black and white glitter, larger square black and white glitter and black and white bar glitter all in a base of tiny holographic glitter. Inside it is so shiny from the holographic pieces that the black and white don't stand out quite as much but outside it's quite magical. And you definitely don't have to go fishing for glitter in this one; most of my fingers only have one coat! It dried a tad bumpy but nothing a coat or two of Poshe didn't remedy. I really hope to be able to afford some more polishes from these ladies soon ( They have some really amazing looking polishes. And here's the bottle shot: 

I can't wait to try Salt n Peppa over everything! It will look amazing over so many different colors.

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend. And if you're in the States take a moment to remember what this day is truly about; the men and women (and their families) who have sacrificed so much through the years to protect our freedoms.

'Til we meet again.
Rebecca :)

*I purchased all of these products myself*

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot Pink Zebra Nails

Last week I received my Influenster spring Voxbox in the mail. Did I take a picture? Yes; at least I thought I did. Can I find that picture anywhere? Of course not! In my excitement about finally receiving the box I probably hit a delete button somewhere as my photography skills are still in the very early stages of development. When I opened the box I was really happy to see a package of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. I've been wanting to try them for quite awhile now but didn't want to spend the money on them. I got the hot pink/zebra stripes strips. I think they were called Animal Insinct but again I forgot to take a picture of the name (hey, I'm still getting used to this blogging thing). Here they are:

There was a small learning curve to getting the hang of applying these but it was fairly easy. I had some issues with not getting them perfectly straight and once they are on you really can't peel them off and re-position them. Also, although there was a pretty good selection of sizes, none of them fit particularly well. There was at least one gap on some part of each of my nails. Here they are freshly applied:

As you can see, the positioning isn't great. And after filing off the excess I had what looked like tip wear right off the bat; as well as chunks of polish that tore off on some of the edges. And here's what they look like on day 3. They have quite a bit of tip wear as you can see.

                    Pros: easy to apply, large variety of colors and designs 

                    Cons: wear is not great, sizing of strips

All in all, I might buy these if I had a specific event to attend and wanted some great nail art that was quick and easy to apply that would just last for the day. Otherwise, for everyday wear I probably wouldn't because of the tip wear issues; I would rather just paint my nails. Has anyone else tried these? How about other brands? I'd love to hear about the experiences of others.

Til we meet again

Rebecca  :)

*Products were provided to me for review*



Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Get To Live Here!

So, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten sick of where I live and wanted to move somewhere else. I live in a pretty small area, there isn't a lot of opportunity, and even though there are a lot of liberal-minded people there are also a lot of closed-minded attitudes. But then I'll remember that I live in an area that a LOT of people come to for vacation and I'm really lucky to be here. I was reminded of that again today when hubby and I went for a hike.

We went to Montana de Oro State Park which is literally 5 minutes away from our apartment. It's a beautiful area with beaches, campgrounds and lots of hiking trails. We went camping there earlier in the week but only stayed for one night because it was so foggy and cold. But today was a totally different story; it was absolutely gorgeous! We went on the Reservoir Flats Trail which was a little under 2 miles. This was the view a short way into the hike:

Then we came up onto this awesome creek. It reminded me of when I was a kid and my brother, sister and I would spend hours upon hours in places like this looking for minnows, tadpoles and any other kind of slimy creature we could find. We could actually hear this creek gurgling from where we camped this week and it was such a soothing sound to fall asleep to. 

We wound our way up to the top of the hill opposite from where we started. From this point we could look down onto the campground where we stayed last week. 

A bit further along and we were at the top part of the trail that led down to the end. And here's the view from there: 

And it's moments like this that make me realize I live in a beautiful place. If I have to be broke and struggling I may as well be here! Hope you had a great weekend!

Til we meet again.

Rebecca  :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Run To Rite-Aid

Well, here goes first post. Nothing monumental, just a super great deal I got a few days ago. I went into Rite-Aid for something non-beauty related by had to do my usual walk-by of the beauty section. I glanced down at the little clearance bins that are usually empty and hit the jackpot!

I got all of these pretties for $8.70! Regular price they would have been $34.94 although I wouldn't have paid that for them; I usually don't buy things that aren't on sale in some way (unless I'm somewhere like say Sephora and then that goes out the window). The eyeshadows were $1.24 apiece and the lipglosses were $1.87. Now, did NEED them? Probably not but they were too cheap to pass up! They also had some L'oreal, Maybelline and Cover Girl items but I try to buy cruelty-free products as much as possible so I left them for someone else to discover. So, if you "need" some more pretties like I do, I would suggest you run down to your nearest Rite-Aid and check out the sale bins!

Til we meet again.

Rebecca  :)