Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Mani #3

Hello again! I'm back with my 3rd and final Halloween manicure (at least the last one that was worth taking pics of and writing about). I wore this one last week and couldn't stop staring at my nails!

As you can see, all I used was a coat of Sally Hansen Silver Sweep followed by 2 coats of Lush Lacquer Hey Jack! So easy and so eye-catching!

I hope you enjoyed this mani and I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween! I plan on sitting on my couch and watching scary movies. Anyone have anything more fun planned?

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Skittle Mani

Hello again! I finally have my second Halloween mani of the season for you guys; I actually wore it 2 weeks ago but was too preoccupied to write about it. So without further it is.
And here all of the polishes I used...
L-R: Wet 'n Wild Tangled In My Web, OPI A Roll In The Hague, Fing'rs Get Spotted, China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle, Sally Hansen Lick-O-Rich

I used the Fing'rs Get Spotted over A Roll In The Hague on my index finger but I put it on a bit too thick; you couldn't really see the spotted effect. I need more practice with it but from what I can see it is a pretty good alternative to the OPI Black Spotted which was fairly hard to come by. And this version came with 2 mini colored polishes in a set for $6 at Walmart. And if you like textured polishes and black polish I would highly recommend Sally Hansen Lick-O-Rich. It is a super inky black, it has great texture and best of all it was a one-coater.

Hope you like it! Happy Halloween!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Candy Corn Nails

Hiya! Today I have my first Halloween mani of the year. I absolutely love Halloween and have a few more manis planned for the rest of the month; we'll see if they actually pan out but for now here are my candy corn nails.

I'm kinda loving doing the accent nail thing these days...I like how it looks and I get to use more polishes that way. And here are the polishes...
L-R: China Glaze Spontaneous, Lush Lacquer Korny Candy, Zoya Pippa, OPI A Roll In The Hague, OPI Alpine Snow

For the candy corns I used a base of Alpine Snow, taped it off and added coat of Pippa. I taped it off one last time and added a coat of A Roll In The Hague. I've also seen it done using the sponge technique and I really like how it looks that way too. It would actually probably be a bit easier and quicker that way; maybe I'll try it that way next year. The other nails were a coat of Spontaneous topped off with a coat of Korny Candy; an awesome mix of yellow gold, orange and white glitters. Spontaneous is one of my all-time favorite purples; it is such a dusty but bright purple and I love how it sets off the colors in Korny Candy.

I'm kinda in love with my nails and can't stop looking at them. Hope you enjoyed them! If anyone has links to or pics of their own Halloween nails I would love to see them!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My First Fall Mani

Hi guys! Happy Autumn! I am sooooo glad we are out of the horrid season called Summer and into my absolute favorite time of the year. It was such a hot, sticky, humid, horrible few months; I am not a hot weather kind of girl at all. So I was so happy when the weather started turning and getting cooler. I had been dreaming about the dark, vampy colors of Fall and couldn't wait to get some on my nails.

As soon as it got cooler I busted out a polish that for some reason I have never used. This first dark color to debut on my nails was In A Trance from Cult Nails. It was originally in the Hypnotic Collection from Fall of 2011.

In A Trance is a gorgeous olive green with amazing gold shimmer running throughout. I could not stop staring at my nails. And, as is usual for Cult Nails, the formula was perfect. Two smooth, easy coats was all it took.

In A Trance is still available on the Cult Nails website here for $12 and Maria often runs sales and discounts. She has had so many amazing collections come out that I and my wallet haven't been able to keep up but if I ever win the lottery I am buying every single one of her polishes.

Thanks for reading!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)