Thursday, February 18, 2016

Born Pretty Nail Vinyls

*Provided for review*

I recently received a few things to try from Born Pretty Store. I was given a choice of a few products and since I haven't had a chance to try nail vinyls yet I chose these.

Look at the holographic rainbow! I didn't even notice that until I took the picture but once I did I couldn't stop looking at the rainbow goodness.

So, I had OPI My Pal Joey on my nails and decided to add on to that. I used Sephora by OPI Meet Me At The Disco holographic topcoat to use. I had heard that these were pretty sticky and that there was a chance that it might lift my polish. To prevent that, I used them the day after I painted my nails so they had sufficient time to dry. Then before I used stencil I stuck it on my hand first to take away some of the tackiness. I stuck the stencil on my nails (making sure that it was pressed down well on the sides so the polish wouldn't leak under the design and become a blob). I swiped on a coat of Meet Me At The Disco, peeled of the stencils, and voila! Nails that look like they were much more complicated than they really were.


I definitely want to try more patterns and techniques. Born Pretty Store has a ton of different patterns and they are so affordable! You can find this pattern here for only $1.37. And if you use code AILX31 you can save 10%! I will definitely be buying more patterns. Have you tried nail vinyls?

'Til We Meet Again...

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  1. When I was in high school, a friend gave me Urban Decay stencils (this was back when UD had cooler packaging lol). That was the only time I tried nail stencils. Yours looks great! I will have to see about getting some for myself.