Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant

*Product was sent to me for my consideration*

A few weeks ago I received the Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox from Influenster. In it I received the Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray anti-perspirant in the Fresh Energy scent.

Now, this may just be a little bit TMI but I am a very sweaty girl; but not all of the time. At times when I am at my sweatiest nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will stop it so I don't even blame this product for not working then. But at normal times this stuff really works! It kept me dry and smelling good all day. (I can't really attest to the 48 hour claim because I took a shower and washed it off within that time period). I really like the formula; it is a very light mist that dries within a few seconds and doesn't leave any residue on my clothes. And it smells really good. The Fresh Energy scent is light and kinda sweet (I don't really know how to describe it except good). 

I would definitely recommend this product. It is available at WalMart for between $5 - $8. 


  1. haha it's not TMI, I vary in terms of level of sweatiness too. I'm going to recommend this to my sister who may potentially be a hoarder for these personal grooming type things. Great post :-)


  2. Thanks! Yeah, I would definitely recommend it.