Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Quick Winter Manicure With The Hungry Asian

*I won this polish in a giveaway*

So, a few months ago I won a giveaway from The Hungry Asian blog. I was super stoked because I have always drooled over her polishes on other blogs and her website but had only ever ordered a mini for one or another reason. I got to choose 5 full size polishes and a set of nails in whatever polish I wanted. She has so many awesome polishes that it was difficult to choose but somehow I managed. :) Here's a pic of my prize:
We've had snow the past few days (which being a lifelong coastal California native I've been super stoked about, even had my first snow day!) I decided that Snow Sprinkles would be the perfect polish to use.
 How cute is that label?
Snow Sprinkles is a white crelly base packed with blue and pink glitter with some pink star glitters mixed in. I absolutely love crelly based glitters and this one is no exception. I used 3 thin coats but you could use a white base if you wanted to use less coats with no VNL. It applied really easily and there was no fishing for the star glitter at all. I probably should have used a coat of Gelous to make it a bit smoother but I was a bit impatient; as it was I managed to totally screw up one of the nails on my other hand because I didn't wait long enough to start doing things.

I would highly recommend her polishes; great colors, great application, cute packaging. You can purchase from her shop here. I'll post pics of the other polishes as I use them.

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

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