Sunday, March 15, 2015

Colour Pop Swatches

Hi! So, unless you've been totally absent from the makeup world recently you've more than likely heard of Colour Pop by now. I was finally able to place an order to see what the hype was about and color me impressed!

First off, I love the packaging; it's simple, graphic and the inside has a cool pop of color. (Ha! Pop of color, Colour Pop... get it?) Anyway... onto the swatches. First up are the eyeshadows.

L-R: I Heart This, 3, Partridge, Hammered, Bae

This was one swipe of each color on bare skin. The color shift on these is amazing and the texture is so cool. It's a semi-moist consistency that feels really bouncy to the touch. Then it dries down to a powder that stays on like nobodies business! I tried to wipe these off with a dry paper towel and they didn't go anywhere; even after soap and water I could see the stain of the color. When I actually wore them I used primer I didn't have any staining though. 

And now on to the lippies...

Top pic is Grind which is matte.
Bottom pic is Corset which is semi-glossy.

Top pic is I Heart This which is matte.
Bottom pic is Wet which is semi-glossy and slightly metallic.

The formula on all of the lippies was great! They all feel comfortable and wear really well. Bonus: they smell like cupcakes!

So there you go. I am a Colour Pop convert for sure! The eyeshadows, lippies and matching lip pencils (which I haven't yet tried) are all $5 and the new blushes (which I also haven't tried) are $8. It is such a great price for awesome products! They offer free shipping with a $30 order and you can use the code THANKSBABE with your first order for $5 off. 

Have you tried Colour Pop? Do you have any favorites? Let me know!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)