Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lush Lacquer Halloween Nails

I'm back with two more Halloween manicures featuring Lush Lacquer. I'm a bit obsessed with their glitter polishes lately; they are chock-full of glitter and you don't have to fish around to get a great variety of it on your nails.

First up is Korny Candy over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk...

I did this glitter over grey so none of colors would get lost. It would look great over yellow, orange or white but then some of the glitters wouldn't stand out as much. I just wanted to eat my nails the whole time I had this on. I love candy corn! Hubby always makes fun of me because he hates it (and so does everyone else I know) but that just leaves more for me right?

For the second manicure I used Hey Jack! over Sally Hansen Silver Sweep...

I really love how these colors look over the silver; they really pop! This polish was also a huge glitter explosion all over my nails. The only thing I'm not sure about is the bar glitter. I love the way it looks but I always end up getting it on the edges of my nails and it pokes over and then I end up scratching myself with it. Then when I rip it off I get a huge hole in my manicure. First world problems I know.

So I'm probably gonna do one more Halloween manicure tonight but I'm feeling kinda lazy. Depending on how it turns out there may or may not be a post about it. We'll see...but I did do some fun eye makeup today that should find its way onto here in a day or so. Keep an eye out!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

*I purchased all of these products myself*

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