Monday, September 3, 2012

Vivid Lacquer Cookies And Cream

Hey all! (If there is anyone still around to read this). It's been a while but here I am. So, a month or a few ago, Anni from Vivid Lacquer had a Facebook post stating that she wanted bloggers to review her products. I wrote to her thinking that I would have zero chance of being chosen because, let's face it, I don't have the largest or most consistent blog out there. But she told me that didn't matter and sent me 3 of her polishes to review! I was pretty stoked to tell you the truth. Money has been a bit tight lately so I haven't been able to buy any of the new pretties coming out and it was nice to be able to get some new things. The first of the three I got was Cookies And Cream. Because I am definitely a crazy cat lady, I love the cute little cat in her logo.

Cookies And Cream is a sheer milky white base packed with small black hex glitter, black shards and matte silver shards. I used 3 coats on its own to give it more of a jelly sandwich kind of look but when I wear it again I think I'll put a white base coat beneath it. I used 3 coats with a coat of Barielle quick dry topcoat and a coat of Poshe. I tried the Barielle first because I recently got it for really cheap at Marshall's and wanted to give it a try. Ten minutes after applying it, the polish was still tacky; I don't know if the Barielle just didn't play nice with this polish or if it just doesn't like me. I'll have to try it with another polish to find out. But I put a coat of Poshe over it all and there were no issues. So here it is: 3 coats of Cookies And Cream, a coat of Barielle and a coat of Poshe.

And of course, I had to make a pair of earrings out of it too.
You can find Anni's creations in her Etsy shop here: Vivid Lacquer . She also sells stamping plates; one of which has the butterfly wing that I have been dying to try (and I'm too lacking in artistic skills to freehand it). The other 2 polishes she sent to me will be in upcoming posts. Thanks for sticking around!

'Til We Meet Again...
Rebecca  :)

*Products in this post were provided to me for review.*


  1. I had no idea I hadn't followed your blog before this. I'm sorry!!! I love this nail polish. It's making me hungry for ice cream. :D

  2. No worries! It's not like I post consistently so I'm not surprised you didn't know. I really like this one too and it definitely makes me want ice cream too. One of these days I'll get around to posting the other 2 she sent me too. I actually went on a mini commenting spree on your blog today; I've tried to subscribe by e-mail and for some reason it never gets sent to me. So then I just go and look at multiple posts at once. <3