Saturday, May 19, 2012

Run To Rite-Aid

Well, here goes first post. Nothing monumental, just a super great deal I got a few days ago. I went into Rite-Aid for something non-beauty related by had to do my usual walk-by of the beauty section. I glanced down at the little clearance bins that are usually empty and hit the jackpot!

I got all of these pretties for $8.70! Regular price they would have been $34.94 although I wouldn't have paid that for them; I usually don't buy things that aren't on sale in some way (unless I'm somewhere like say Sephora and then that goes out the window). The eyeshadows were $1.24 apiece and the lipglosses were $1.87. Now, did NEED them? Probably not but they were too cheap to pass up! They also had some L'oreal, Maybelline and Cover Girl items but I try to buy cruelty-free products as much as possible so I left them for someone else to discover. So, if you "need" some more pretties like I do, I would suggest you run down to your nearest Rite-Aid and check out the sale bins!

Til we meet again.

Rebecca  :)


  1. This is so very cool!!! Yay!!! I love that you are blogging. I have but haven't posted in quite a while. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    I love the colors you found! Especially the purple shadow and the red gloss. When I wear makeup (which is pretty rare these days) I'm partial to eyecolor in purples and mauves ( I made myself break away from the browns, I felt I was outdating myself), and plum or peachy glosses.

    When you get a chance would you share the names of the colors, I couldn't quite read them.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Wendi! That's a big "derp" on my part; not putting the names of the colors in the post. Anyway, clockwise from the shadow on the left: Vintage Lace, Violet Starlet, Polished Bronze, Nude Slip, Gold Dust lipgloss and Sienna Sparkle lipgloss.

      I'm right there with ya on not wearing makeup lately. Although I am totally obsessed with makeup I've been staying up late a lot and would rather sleep in the extra 20 minutes or so in the mornings. I've got so much makeup though that I really need to start wearing it every day again!